In Sherman Alexie’s book , The Absolutely True diary of a part-time Indian, Junior  the protagonist is arguably the most  important  character. Sherman Alexie uses the character of Junior to express events which Sherman Alexie experienced when he was younger  and to explore  the theme of being an outsider. In the book Junior is presented as […]

It was about two years ago, I was really nervous when I arrived here in London. My step dad was showing me the food,shops and games centre. I was really confused when my step dad was talking to me because I didn’t  speak any English. I was always asking my mum “What did my step […]


There was a boy who was called Jason. His  parents were killed when he was 10, he is 15 now. His parents were killed by a dangerous creature. The creature attacks people terrorising them  then after he kills them. Jason hates the creature  he want to destroy  it. Today Jason gets ready to fight and kill the creature. Jason knew that  the creature will come today, as soon he saw the creature he attacked the creature. Jason punched it in the face and after he choped the creature’s  head. Jason finally revanged his parents. All the people thanked Jason by making him the king.


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They dwell apart among wolves on the hills. With so much power they hunt people ripping them apart. When he appeared the people also the animals started running trying to hid from them. I wanted to follow them but they smelled me really quick, I hid and they didn’t realise I was there but  they […]

They dwell apart among wolves on the hills I saw two creatures, they were hunting  animals  eating them like doing nothing. They maybe mom and son they looked so scary, with nofear they will come into the city but I will try to stop them. I moved slowly making the least sound to follow them. […]